Can I Buy Any Of The Products | Are They For Sale?

Products will NOT be offered or are for sale under any circumstances. Revolution Rentals specialises in short term and temporary hire only. Simply rent the products for the short term or temporary time period you require and then organise collection when you are done, it’s that simple.

Can I Pre Book A Collection Date?

No pre bookings will be accepted. Please email with at least 72 Hours notice to organise a mutual date for collection. If your rental is under 72 hours or similar or you have same day or delivery or collection a personalised option will be provided. As you are in control of the rental period, you must contact us to organise a collection date. If you are an exhibitor at a trade show, have strict loading dock times in an office building or similar with fixed bump in, bump out times please contact us for a personalised solution.

Can I Change My Daily Charge If I am Currently Renting?

Yes you may change your daily charge if you intend to rent longer then expected. Please advise ASAP as your new daily rate will start from the date you advise.

I Need To Rent A Bed For Approx 1 Month, Which Daily Charge Can I Be On?

If you choose to start on the 1 month daily charge which is for rentals between 1 – 2 months you may pay the 1 month daily charge. (Months are based per 30 days) If you rent less then 1 month you only pay for the days you are renting on the hire charge. (Rentals between 1 day – 29 days). You have maximum flexibility and can end at anytime and only pay for the time spent renting.** Our service is perfect if you have visitors staying for an indefinite period and are not sure how long they are staying with you. Only rent for the time you need, no fixed rental period. You are in control on how long you would like to hire.

My Shipment With My Furniture Has Arrived, How Do I Organise Collection?

Great News!! All you need to do is simply email us to organise a suitable date and time for collection. Please email at least 72 hours weekdays notice to organise a mutual date for collection.

My House Sold Earlier Then 1 Month, Can I Organise Collection?

Great News!! Styling your home really does boost your sales campaign and is more likely to create a faster sales result. Our DIY property styling furniture and prop hire service is perfect when you want to stay in control of your styling budget with no minimum rental period, you only pay for the time you rent. If choose to you start on the 1 month daily charge and your house sells before the 1 month, all you need to do is simply email us to organise a suitable date and time for collection. Please email at least 72 hours weekdays notice to organise a mutual date for collection. If you were initially based on the 1 month daily charge you are able to then be reverted back to the Hire charge which is for rentals under 1 month and only pay for the days you hired for.

Can I Hand Back The Products Before The Initial Daily Rate I Am Currently Based On?

Yes You Can. Upon your initial communication with Revolution Rentals you may advise of an estimate time and the product/s you wish to hire. You will then be advised of different options and the allocated daily charge you may opt to start on for that rental period. (You are not locked into that rental period, and can end at anytime) If you would like to end earlier then you initially estimated and wish to hand back the rental goods and organise collection prior to the longer initial allocated daily charge rate then you will be reverted to the new allocated daily rate associated to pricing structure. You may end your agreement at ANYTIME and only pay for the days** you rent and organise collection.

If you would like to rent longer then expected, please advise ASAP as your new rate will start from when you advise.

  • Pricing structure : (Your allocated daily charge will be based on the time spent renting**)
  • If you rent between 1 day – 29 days = Hire charge
  • If you rent between 1 – 2 months = 1 month daily charge
  • If you rent for 3 months = 3 month daily charge
  • Full terms and conditions apply. Months based on 30 days.

How do I Organise Collection?

As soon as you would like to organise collection, please email us at least 72 Hours weekdays prior to organise a suitable time and date. You may email us to arrange a collection date at anytime throughout your rental agreement. No minimum rental period and no minim order, end at any time.

Are All Products In Stock?

As we specialise in short term hire, all products may not be available at all times. Please contact us to confirm stock availability. We will endeavour to provide a similar alternative if products are not available within your chosen time frame.

Is Delivery & Collection Included In The Prices?

No. Delivery and collection is additional. When requesting a quotation please include as much information as possible in regards to delivery to receive a fast response.

What is ‘Style To Rent’?

Revolution Style Hub is proud to offer Style to rent which is a fantastic new way to hire furniture, appliances and electronics for styling & prop purposes whilst also having the flexibility & opportunity to continue renting the products on a longer term hire agreement. This could be especially beneficial to real estate professionals including agents and property managers who are interested to style a property while on the market for rent or similar with the opportunity to offer the home furnished. Click here for more info.

What is your Prop range hire?

Our ‘PROP RANGE’ products available for hire are strictly for display purposes only. All prop range products will be NON OPERATIONAL & not suitable for use. Prop range products such as beds may have stains,rips etc which can be covered with bedding/valance. If you are after products for ‘use’ please enquire.

I am just starting my property styling business, can i join stylist group?

Revolution Style Hub welcomes all industry professionals to apply and partner with Revolution Stylist Group. Sign up today!

Do you offer delivery and collection?

Yes Revolution Style Hub offer’s Delivery and collection to most Sydney area’s. Charges will depend on a few factors including delivery address, access details, time/day required etc. Please include as much information as possible when requesting a quotation to receive the most economical solution possible.

Who can join Revolution Stylist Group?

Revolution Stylist Group is primarily designed for professionals including stylists, decorators and real estate agents in the home staging and property styling industry. Please send us an email to find out if you are eligible. 

Which area’s do you service?

Revolution Rentals is based in Sydney & we service most Sydney areas with fast and efficient delivery options. If you would like to use our service outside of Sydney please email us and we will confirm if available. We have serviced areas outside of Sydney such as Wollongong, Kiama, Newcastle, Blue Mountains and Bathurst.

Is there a minimum order or rental period?

The great thing about Revolution Rentals is our no minimum order or rental period service. With various hire options you have the flexibility to choose your hire period along with order amount. You may rent 1 product for 1 day if you wish. Just another reason why Revolution Rentals is fast becoming the number 1 choice for short term and temporary hire solutions.

Do you Have a showroom?

In order to keep overheads to a minimum and pass on the savings to our clients, Revolution Rentals runs primarily as an online business. In the odd occasion and if absolutely necessary we are happy to offer viewing of furniture by appointment on selected products at our warehouse.  We try to provide as much information and photos of the products available and are happy to assist with further details on products

Can I rent a bed for 1 day?

Yes you can. You may rent for 1 day or even just a couple of hours in some cases ( same day delivery and collection only available on request). You only pay for the days you rent**. We have prop beds which are for prop purposes and also Australian Made comfy mattresses, Great option for visitors and extra bedding etc.